Modular jewellery

Discover the modular silver jewellery from the Ellius collection and have fun making your own personalised piece of jewellery.

Composing your modular jewel is very easy!

First, choose the jewel to compose between the opus rigid modular bracelet, the rolò bracelet or the column earring. Choose the jewelry and add it to your cart.

Discover how easy it is to compose your own jewelry

Column Modular Earring

With modular earrings you can create your own unique and personalized jewelry!

Opus Rigid Modular Bracelet

The Opus rigid modular bracelet, made of 925 sterling silver, is the perfect base for your charms.

Rolò Modular Bracelet

The Rolò modular bracelet is a soft bracelet designed as the perfect base for beautiful charms.

Now discover and choose the different charms that reflect your life, your story, your personality. Each base (bracelet and earring) has its own charm version:

Opus Rigid Bracelet: Choose Charm bracelet and earring or Bracelet Charm version
Roló Soft Bracelet: Choose carabiner clasp version
Column Earring: Choose Charm bracelet and earring or Earring Charm version

Choose from pendants in the collections Dome, Rose window, Vitruvian Man, Mythology e Symbol.

Modular jewellery: how does it work?

Thanks to the magic of modular jewellery, you can create the gift of your dreams: just look for your favourite pieces, put them together and you’re done! You can create your own modular bracelet, for example, by choosing from the Ellius models available and enriching it with the unmissable charms from the different collections.
Modular charm bracelets are customisable jewellery and, for this reason, unique. Thanks to the charms, you can tell who you are, your story or immortalise your memories. Among the modular Ellius jewellery you can also have fun customising your earring, enriching it with the details you prefer.
Ellius modular jewels are all made of 925 hypoallergenic silver by skilled artisans, who carry on the Italian goldsmith tradition.