Men’s and women’s silver jewelry collection

Discover the extraordinary Ellius Jewelry Collections and let yourself be conquered by the unique personality of every jewel: beautiful rings made to enhance the style of every woman and define every man; versatile bracelets suitable for wearing on every occasion of life and with every look; original necklaces and character designed to illuminate the outfit of her and for him; earrings to stand out and bring out their uniqueness.

Seventeenth-century golden

Enter a world where the past meets the present in a sublime way. The new “Seventeenth-Century Golden” collection from Ellius is a tribute to Baroque magnificence, transformed into modern jewellery that captures the essence of a golden age. The “Seventeenth-Century Golden” jewellery is a sculpture of art to wear. Made of fine 925 sterling silver, these masterpieces are embellished with 23 carat gold plating, which gives them a warm golden glow. The rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces of the ‘Seventeenth Century Golden’ collection are works of art that speak of history, elegance and refinement.


Baroque architecture is the star of the Seventeenth-century collection. Capitals and vaults made in splendid Baroque works to create a breathtaking backdrop are captured in the jewelry of this magnificent collection. Baroque architecture, characterized by a strong emphasis on movement and light effects, with a preference for curvilinear and elaborate forms, is taken up by Ellius in this magnificent collection, which indulges in the beauty of curved and sinuous lines. Stars, leaves, flowers, religious symbols and other decorative elements enrich the Seventeenth-century jewelry, made of 925 sterling silver.


Elegant and refined, original and irresistible, the New Collection The Domes enhances the femininity of every woman. The Collection has its roots in history, inspired by the most fascinating Domes of the world, an expression of immutability, eternity and perfection. Make your precious and exclusive look with a piece of jewelry designed by Ellius.

Rose Window

A modern and original collection, entirely handmade in 925 silver, which reproduces the rose windows of the most beautiful basilicas in the world. Each rose window has its own history, its symbolism and its distinctive feature, which inspired us to create unique handmade jewelry with a strong personality. Jewels that tell: “History is a love story”.


The fascination of the constellations and zodiac signs has inspired the new Ellius Zodiac collection. To each sign of the zodiac corresponds a beautiful, modern and strong character bracelet for men. Made of black and green leather, with the ever-present aged 925 sterling silver detail, the bracelets from the Zodiac collection are crafted with great care. For every man, for those who consult their horoscope every day or simply for those “born under the sign of”, the bracelets from the Zodiac collection are the perfect piece of jewellery to wear every day!


Love and passion for the history of the past have inspired this collection for men and women. The column, which since the Greek culture symbolizes the man and his ability to rise up to the gods, becomes the protagonist of our jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings made of 925 silver, with a linear and modern design, make the column collection exclusive and original.


The new Ellius collection is inspired by one of the symbols that changed the life of humanity: the star positioned at the exact point where Jesus was born. Symbol of life, values and rebirth, the nativity becomes a set of unique jewels, handmade in every minutia, to transmit an anthem to life and earthly love. With an elegant and refined design, but also modern and timeless and therefore suitable for any occasion.

Vitruvian Man

A symbol of beauty, harmony and the intersection of the human and the divine, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is the protagonist of this Ellius collection. Leonardo Da Vinci encloses his perfect man in a circle and a square, symbols of Platonic perfection. Ellius is inspired by this timeless masterpiece in its 925 silver jewellery. The result is rings, necklaces, bracelets and charms with a strong symbolic value and great personality.


In the Symbol collection, Ellius has enclosed jewellery that tells the story of beauty, through objects that have left their mark on art and history. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and charms, to choose from and combine, to embellish your personal tale. The laurel leaf, representing glory and victory, or the Colosseum, the eternal masterpiece of the city of Rome, are just some of the symbols found in this splendid Ellius collection. Handcrafted by expert goldsmiths and embellished with stones and details, the jewellery of the Simboli collection is light and exclusive.


The Franciscan Tau presents a profound spiritual symbolism that in our handcrafted silver jewelry we wanted to reintroduce to believers and others. It symbolizes the cross of Christ and recalls humility and devotion. The Tau as a symbol also recalls inner peace and connection with nature, recalling St. Francis’ love for all God’s creatures.


The Era collection encapsulates all of Ellius’ love of history. The Era, the broadest division of time, always begins with a historical event of great importance. Rich in values and spirituality, this collection is characterized by its prayer jewelry. The Lord’s Prayer, the world’s best-known Christian prayer, is transcribed in three languages in all the jewelry in the collection. Italian, Latin and Aramaic blend


A story, that of Ellius, that travels around the world, through the creation of jewels that enclose what is splendid and wonderful in the universe. Solaris, with its colored stones and its lightness, is inspired by our solar system and the stars, elements that have always fascinated man. Earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces pay tribute to the solar system and its brightness, through small elements that resemble the rays of the sun.


Ellius has created a collection of female and male rings with a modern and contemporary design. The gem collection, made of aged or burnished 925 sterling silver, has a strong and decisive character. Discover the rings with black onyx or mother-of-pearl, to wear on any occasion: choose your favorite and enrich your refined and original look.


Inspired by the great volcanoes and their majesty, this collection is full of energy and strength. Earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces are all characterized by a modern design, with ruby-colored stones, which reflect the fascinating red of the lava. All the jewels in this collection express vitality and majesty, just like the large volcanoes they inspire.


Animals and the symbols that revolve around them inspired this collection. Strength, courage, loyalty and wisdom, are just some of the values that these jewels communicate. Handmade in silver 925, the “animal jewelry” are designed for men and women with strong personalities, who love to embellish their look with exclusive objects. Discover all the jewels of the Animals collection, let yourself be seduced by Ellius.


The snake, a symbol of temptation, but also of renewal and rebirth, has inspired the new Ellius men’s jewelry collection. Scaled texture, leather, silver and green stones come together to create men’s jewelry with a modern and unmistakable design. Check out the snake jewelry and be tempted by the collection.

Porta Romana

Strong character and great personality, are the characteristics of the Porta Romana collection signed Ellius. Handmade jewels, in 925 silver and embellished with stones and leather, have a modern and unmistakable design. Accumulated by the figure of the lion, always a symbol of strength and loyalty, these jewels designed for a strong man who loves challenges. Discover the collection and embellish your look.


Inspired by a Roman building technique, the opus cementificium, this Ellius men’s collection is refined and elegant. Rings, bracelets and necklaces in 925 silver, Italian design and handmade, complete a casual but also chic look the particular texture makes this jewelry collection, for men, sophisticated and timeless. Find out what’s right for you and wear an Ellius jewel.


Discover the jewels for men and women with a modern and original design. Inspired by Minerva and the classical Greek and Roman ages, this jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, expression of Made in Italy, are worked with accuracy in every detail. The semi-precious stones, leather, marine cord and colored stones embellish the jewels of the Minerva collection, to give you a perfect look for any occasion


To create the knight collection we were inspired by the knightly code that distinguishes the “Knight” in the collective imagination. Modern jewels, both for men and women and with an unmistakable style, tell the story of one of the most important symbols of courage, strength and loyalty. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, made of 925 silver and finished with wood, leather or stone elements, make this collection unmistakable.


The icons of Greek and Roman mythology take shape in our men’s / women’s jewelry collection. Rings and bracelets, in hypoallergenic 925 silver, reproduce the mysterious and fascinating symbols such as the Chimera, the Mouth of Truth or the Capitoline Wolf. A modern and attractive design for a look that does not go unnoticed.


Inspired by the eagle and the myth of invincibility, the imperial collection is characterized by jewels with a strong personality. The men’s jewels of the Imperial collection are made of hypoallergenic 925 silver and embellished with lava stone, onyx and leather. Collected by the presence of the feather, a symbol that recalls the queen of birds, the Ellius rings, bracelets and necklaces of this collection have an innovative design that adapts to your modern and gritty look.


Inspired by the controversial but seductive Greek creature, this collection contains the mystery and beauty of one of the most fascinating mythological figures. Chimera, with the body and the lion’s head, the dragon’s tail and a goat’s head protruding from the back, takes its shape in these anallergic 925 silver women’s jewelry. Discover the Chimera jewelry and wear an emotion.


Expertly hand crafted, Ellius jewels are made of 925 silver, colored stones and the unique lava stone. Inspired by the solar system, and especially by Venus, the brightest planet, this Ellius collection makes man and woman shine with unique jewels. Let yourself be fascinated by the harmonious and perfect lines of these objects and exalt your style.