Vulcan Men's Necklace

Mini guide on the size of a men’s necklace

How to choose the right men’s necklace to enhance your look? Here is a handy guide to this sparkling male accessory.

A jewel beloved by women, the men’s necklace has been in fashion for several decades now. If the past years have accustomed us to thin chokers and inconspicuous necklaces, first the world of rock and then the world of rap and hip hop have cleared the way for flashy accessories on men’s looks.

If you want to buy a necklace to breathe new life into your looks, or give the right bijoux to a man celebrating an important occasion, learn how to measure the length of a necklace. The first step is to choose the right accessory: finding the right size for a man’s choker or a long, sparkling chain will be child’s play.

How to choose a men’s necklace?

Just as with any other complement to one’s look, accessories should be chosen with particular care to personal style and taste. A simple, no-frills choker or a long, glittering chain? With or without pendants? Of a precious metal or in unusual materials? Once you have chosen the model, go on to find the size of the choker.

Men with a sportier style like thin chains with simple medallions, perhaps engraved with a date, initials or a symbol they are emotionally attached to. These are inconspicuous necklaces for men, which easily disappear under even the tightest of shirts.

However, men’s fashion has introduced many variations on the theme, so that today’s trend-conscious men like to wear even very fancy and extravagant men’s necklaces. The accessories of some haute couture maisons, loaded with flowers and three-dimensional appliqués that play with the link between look and expression of one’s personality, have set the tone.

How long should a man’s necklace be?

Regardless of the type of jewellery you prefer, it is good to know the right size for a men’s necklace, especially if you buy it as a gift and therefore the recipient who will wear it is not present. In this case, if you know him well you can really surprise him with a men’s necklace that enhances his personality.

Knowing the collar size of the shirts he buys is already a step forward: you can easily calculate the length of the men’s necklace to buy. Your jeweller or fashion accessory expert will also be able to guide you in choosing the correct size. One must consider that most men’s necklaces belong to the short type. These are necklaces to be worn around the neck, over or under a shirt or sweater.

How do you measure a men’s necklace? These are the most common lengths for men’s models:

35-45 cm is the size of a man’s choker, the tight-fitting one that is barely visible under a t-shirt.

50-55 cm in a standard-sized man reaches the collarbone, and is the most common size for men’s necklaces.

55-61 cm is already the length of a necklace that reaches the middle of the chest and is worn over jumpers, pullovers and shirts.

61-76 cm is the longest men’s necklace size, suitable for those who like fancy looks and perhaps wear several pieces of jewellery at the same time.

The necklace size also depends on the look. While men with a more sober and elegant style like precious, thin chains, pirate outfits inspired by the 70s (extremely fashionable in these seasons) involve a superimposition of several necklaces, longer and shorter.

Accumulation is also the key in the case of materials and styles. Putting together a standard-sized, classic and sophisticated men’s choker with a long beaded necklace or a series of witty charms gives movement to even the simplest look and tells the character of the man who has chosen to wear them.