Shot worn solaris jewellery for women

Ellius presents Solaris, the sun jewellery collection

Ellius has created a new, bright, refined and brilliant collection: Solaris.

The sun is the real protagonist of this line, enriched with splendid coloured stones that make it even more precious.

Solaris and jewellery with the sun: the story of Ellius

Solaris, with its coloured stones and lightness, is inspired by our solar system and the stars, elements that have always fascinated man.

The sun, in fact, the closest star to our Earth, is the greatest source of energy our planet enjoys. The other stars, on the other hand, are only visible at night, as small points of light.

Just like the stars, the jewellery of the Solaris collection shines with its own light, thanks to the splendid luminous stones that adorn it.

The sun, made of silver, is the recurring symbol that enriches this collection.

From man’s very ancient need to find a connection between his own events and cosmic phenomena, astronomy and astrology were born.

Ellius, who loves to express his love of discovery, history and beauty through his jewellery, could not fail to be fascinated by the solar and stellar system.

Thus, light, bright, young and dynamic, the Solaris collection wants to be the beginning of the Ellius story, through modern and trendy jewellery that is light to wear.

Rings with the sun: jewellery to wear always

Silver rings with stones

The Ellius story, as always, travels to discover what is splendid in art, history or nature.

With the Solaris collection, bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces pay tribute to the sun, its splendour and radiance, through the beautiful luminous and coloured stones that embellish the jewellery in this line.

Rings with the sun are among the most sought-after pieces of jewellery, and Ellius has thought of including revisited pieces in its collection, where the sun is a small detail, illuminated by the brilliance of coloured stones.

The women’s sun ring, for example, has an octagonal shape, modern and refined.  The sun is engraved on the side of the jewel, while coloured stones surround it.

This simple yet designer ring is available in different finishes – white, yellow, black or rosé – each embellished with specific coloured stones.

Wearing them means lighting up with colour and vibrancy. You can choose one or collect them all and wear them together for a radiant look!

For lovers of classic jewellery, there is the simple version of the ring, in 925 hypoallergenic silver, without stones, but with an octagonal sun engraving.

For those who like to stand out and not go unnoticed, the version of the ring with the wider sun is the right choice. This ring, whose shape resembles that of a wedding ring, is enriched with white, green or black stones and is available in different finishes.

A modern, charming piece of jewellery to wear all the time!

The solaris collection is not just for women. Also for men, Ellius has thought of jewellery with a distinctive character.

Among the rings with the sun, the same models as in the ladies’ collection stand out, but with a more masculine cut. The octagonal ring, for example, is made of aged 925 silver, making it a modern and trendy piece of men’s jewellery.

Silver rings worn by men

The same ring, in the variant with stones, becomes youthful and chic, thanks to the colours chosen to enhance its charm. The black or blue stones, combined with the aged silver, make this ring a contemporary accessory.

Simple, linear, but at the same time bright and captivating, this ring is reminiscent of a wedding ring in design. Made of 925 sterling silver, it is available in two variants: aged silver or black rhodium-plated.

The black stones make it fascinating and luminous.

Discover the rings of the Solaris collection and immerse yourself in the brilliance of these jewels.

The Solaris collection is young and elegant and differs from the Ellius collections in its refinement and luminosity.

The decision to take inspiration from the sun to describe the brilliance and elegance of these jewels comes from the desire to give the wearer of the jewellery in this collection joy, grace and sophistication.

The sun necklace with T-bar clasp, for example, expresses this concept very well, through the simplicity of the wide link chain and the brilliance of the small details, enriched with the coloured stones that are distinctive to this collection.

Gioliello T-Bar necklace in silver

If you want to wear refined yet modern jewellery with a strong symbolic value, the Solaris collection is the one for you!