Jewel Campanella Capri

The bell of Capri: a lucky charm rich in symbols

A land of sun and sea, of great warmth but also of incredible legends, the story of Capri’s little bell stems from that delightful Campanian attitude of mixing history and religion, superstition and spirituality.

But how did this little pendant become a symbol of good fortune and fulfilled wishes? What magic does it conceal?

History of the bell of Capri

In one of those tales that smacks of a bit of myth, a bit of magic and a bit of religion, the bell of Capri is linked to the legend of a shepherd boy who lived on the island. The young man, poor and fatherless, had only one sheep and one fateful evening he lost it in the fields.

In desperation, he looked for it everywhere until he heard a ringing in the distance that sounded like the sheep he had lost. He ran at breakneck speed to a ravine, but there was no trace of his four-legged friend. On the edge of the ravine, however, St Michael appeared to him on his shining white horse. The saint wore a thin chain with a bell around his neck.

“My child”, he said to the shepherd boy, “take it and always follow the sound of the bell, it will save you from every danger”.

After the miraculous encounter, the little boy found his sheep and gave the little bell to his mother, who had been so distressed. From then on, all his earthly wishes came true and he and his mother lived a peaceful and fulfilling life.

Craft tradition on Capri and beyond

For a very long time, the meaning of the Capri bell remained a small legend handed down by the island’s inhabitants to passers-by and tourists, told around the fire by grandmothers to children. Then it became a jewel.

The extraordinary tradition of craftsmanship in Campania and throughout Italy has transformed this symbol into something to wear, to flaunt and to give as a gift. It is even said that the island of Capri gave the American President Roosevelt a bronze bell as a good omen for the end of the Second World War.

Anyone visiting the island today or simply fascinated by the Mediterranean beauty of Naples and its surroundings would certainly not want a large bronze bell to put on their desk. The delicate and precious good-luck bell, worn as a pendant on necklaces, bracelets and earrings, comes in a thousand materials, shapes and colours for everyday wear.

The bell of Capri between myth and legend

Whether one is a believer or not, the power of symbols is undeniable. And so it is that the story of an unlucky shepherd boy gave life to the Capri lucky charm bell, a symbol of fulfilled wishes and cherished dreams that, when it jingles, will come true.

If the story of the Capri bell has maintained its fascination to this day, it is because we can all identify with that shepherd boy at different times in our lives. Work aspirations, sentimental desires, family reunions, are just as much a part of life today as they were for the little boy who met St Michael.

And so we too, wearing the bell of Capri, feel a little reassured. Protected by that ringing, reminiscent of the passage of fairies and the celestial music of miracles performed, we allow ourselves to dream that ours too may come true.

The Capri bell in the Ellius collection

Ellius could not resist the charm of this myth and the uniqueness of this object.

So, to pay homage to the bell of Capri, the brand from Arezzo has decided to create a special and original ring for women.

The bell of Capri has been revisited and reinterpreted by Ellius, keeping alive the love for history that has always characterised the brand.

This lucky charm is present in the Dome collection and contains the elements dearest to Ellius.

The St. Stephen’s Dome ring is an original piece of jewellery full of modern and elegant elements. The ring, in fact, echoes the texture of the Colonna collection, while the bell is a reproduction of the dome of the marvellous basilica of Santo Stefano on Capri.

Made of hypoallergenic 925 silver, it is available in different colours, the colours of the splendid stones that cover and illuminate the dome.

History, art, myth and beauty come together and give life to a unique object, capable of enhancing the personality of the wearer.

The lucky ring of the bell of Capri by Ellius is an example of great creativity and originality.