Beauty and mystery in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Paris

The white domes of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart soar over the charming Montmartre district, a favourite haunt of artists and poets, lovers of beauty and Parisian savoir vivre. The charm of this place is therefore not only in the perfect harmonies of curves and columns, but also in the religious and other significanceRead more ⟶

The bell of Capri: a lucky charm rich in symbols

A land of sun and sea, of great warmth but also of incredible legends, the story of Capri’s little bell stems from that delightful Campanian attitude of mixing history and religion, superstition and spirituality. But how did this little pendant become a symbol of good fortune and fulfilled wishes? What magic does it conceal? HistoryRead more ⟶

Our father’s ring: discover Era the new collection by Ellius

Ellius takes us on a new journey. Art and spirituality blend with the skilful craftsmanship of young artisans who have created a unique piece of jewellery: the Our Father ring. This wonderful piece of jewellery is part of the new Era collection. Let us discover it together. The Prayer Jewellery collection Our history, marked byRead more ⟶

The Medieval Knight: why he inspired Ellius to create his collection

The medieval knight is a figure that has always fascinated lovers of history and art. After all, medieval knights and the ideals of chivalry have particularly inspired medieval literature. This is the case in literary cycles, such as the Carolingian Cycle, in which Charlemagne’s legendary companions are celebrated, and the Brittany cycle, known to allRead more ⟶

What is the largest dome in the world?

Through its jewellery, Ellius tells the story of history and art: its collections are rich in refined details, inspired by the beauty of what they tell. Among the most successful collections is certainly ‘Domes‘, a line of silver jewellery inspired by the most beautiful and famous domes in the world. St. Peter’s in Rome, Brunelleschi’sRead more ⟶

Jewelled rosary: the new collection by Ellius

The ‘jewelled rosary’ is a trend that has exploded in recent years, which has seen a religious symbol become the star of fashion catwalks and the windows of many shops. The rosary, however, originated as an object typically associated with the faithful and meditation. The name ‘rosarium’ derives from a medieval custom of placing aRead more ⟶