He and She wearing silver jewellery from the ERA collection

Our father’s ring: discover Era the new collection by Ellius

Ellius takes us on a new journey. Art and spirituality blend with the skilful craftsmanship of young artisans who have created a unique piece of jewellery: the Our Father ring.

This wonderful piece of jewellery is part of the new Era collection.

Let us discover it together.

The Prayer Jewellery collection

Our history, marked by time, is enclosed in periods – called eras – that are long, but circumscribed by precise events.

Each era begins with a great historical event: the Christian era with the birth of Jesus Christ is the one that marked the beginning of the Ellius story, with the Nativity collection.

Today, the story continues, with the narration of a spiritual moment, which united peoples through a prayer, the Pater Nostrum.

The ancient Christian prayer, the most famous of all, Ellius has written it in three languages, declining it in an entire collection: Aramic and Latin, the oldest languages, are accompanied by Italian, representing the present.

Thus, past and present come together, as do culture and spirituality, in a single, splendid collection: Era.

The Lord’s Prayer, engraved on rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, give movement and three-dimensionality to the jewellery.

Handmade, in silver, they are the expression of a made in Italy where passion for detail and love of history is enhanced in every single piece.

A moment of peace, of spirituality, of faith, to be worn every day, to be lived always!

Our Father rings: different versions with a single message

The Our Father rings in the Era collection come in different versions.

The 925 silver band, for example, is perfect for both men and women.

The Pater noster prayer is engraved, in relief, on both sides of the ring. The inner one bears the prayer in Latin, the outer one in Aramaic.

For the woman, on the other hand, the Our Father ring has been revised in a modern version with a special design.

A beautiful medallion bears the engraving of the prayer in Italian on the upper part, and the lower part in Aramaic.

The star of the Nativity, a recurring element not only in the Nativity collection but also in many other Ellius jewellery pieces, is located right in the centre of the medallion.

More classic and suitable for every personality is the Our Father ring. The world’s most famous prayer is engraved all along the ring, making this jewel a timeless accessory.

Our Father jewellery: not only rings

The Era Prayer Jewellery Collection for Him and Her

The Era collection does not only consist of rings, but also includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Jewellery with a spiritual soul, but with a strong character.

History, love of culture and passion for beauty have given rise to a collection that marks the transition from the ancient to the modern world.

Medallions, engraved with the Our Father, are the distinctive element of the Era necklaces for women.

The prayer is engraved in two languages: Aramaic and Italian or Latin and Italian, on both sides of the medallion.

The men’s and women’s bracelets from the ‘Era’ collection are original Ellius creations rich in symbolism.

The Pater Nostrum, engraved around the entire circumference of the rigid bracelets, is shown in two languages, both on the outside and inside of the bracelet.

The chain bracelet, on the other hand, features the modern T-bar clasp.

The earrings also feature the magnificent medallion, which bears the Our Father prayer in Italian.

Trendy and to be worn every day is the ring earring version.

Both types are enriched with luminous white stones, which make these jewels even more elegant.

Era is a collection rich in values and spirituality. Wearing this jewellery means enriching one’s look, but also the soul of the wearer.

Discover the entire Era collection and give an emotion!