Give a woman jewellery for Christmas

Christmas gifts for her: be amazed by Ellius Jewelry

Christmas is coming and, like every year, the race to find the gift that amazes has already begun.

Ellius, with its jewellery inspired by art and history, has come up with unique and original Christmas gifts for her.

Let’s discover them together.

Ellius rings: a world to discover

Among the best-loved pieces of jewellery from Ellius are definitely the rings.

Modern and contemporary in design: in the Ellius women’s ring collections it is easy to find the perfect gift!

The new Solaris collection, with its young and elegant character, presents timeless jewellery designed to impress.

The ring with stones, for example, is a simple and refined piece of jewellery, perfect as a Christmas gift. Made of 925 silver, it is enriched with precious white stones, making it elegant and suitable for everyday wear.

Silver rings with stones

The collection comes in different finishes: gold, pink and black.

If you would like to opt for an original Christmas gift for her, perfect for women who love to stand out, the Column collection is for you.

The Roman Temple ring, for example, is an explosion of design and attention to detail.

Photo Worn Female Roman Temple Ring

The ring is inspired by the columns of Roman temples, the most important buildings of ancient Rome. A band ring, to be worn every day, comfortable and original.

The Ellius women’s ring collection is full of original jewellery, perfect for Christmas gifts for her!

Ellius necklaces: small works of art to wear for your holidays

If you are looking for Christmas gifts to impress your lady, then Ellius women’s necklaces are just the thing for you.

The Ellius collections offer a wide choice of beautiful necklaces, designed for women who love to wear unique jewellery.

Among the best-loved and best-known in the Ellius world are the necklaces that are part of the Cupole collection.

Original and timeless, these jewels are inspired by the most beautiful domes in the world.

The St. Peter’s Dome rosary necklace, for example, is the perfect Christmas gift for those who love the art and magic of the Italian capital.

Rosary Necklace Worn

The dome becomes the protagonist and the pendant takes up, in a meticulous manner, the small details of the beautiful dome of the basilica.

The small spheres and the cross make this rosary necklace a magical Christmas gift for her!

Also among the rosary necklaces, another perfect Christmas gift is the necklace featuring the magnificent rose window in the basilica of Florence.

The Rose Window collection, one of the most famous and popular Ellius productions, faithfully reproduces the rosettes found in the world’s most beautiful basilicas. The jewellery in this collection is elegant and refined, but also modern and suitable for any look!

In this splendid necklace, the protagonist is precisely the rose window, which embodies the rose window on the façade of the Florentine basilica in meticulous detail.

If you too, like Ellius, love the Christmas spirit and the magic of Christmas, then the perfect gift for her can be found in the Nativity collection, in which the jewels all have one symbol in common: the star of the Nativity.

It is said that in the Bethlehem basilica there is a star that indicates the exact spot where Jesus was born. Ellius has taken its shape and details and created unique jewellery.

The double rosary necklace, for example, features the beautiful star of the Nativity at its centre. The necklace has a double twist and is embellished with luminous white stones.

Double Rosary Necklace

Christmas gifts for her to wear always: Ellius bracelets

If bracelets are your passion, Ellius offers a wide variety of rigid bracelets, with chain or leather strap.

For Christmas presents for her, you can choose the perfect one from the new and original Era collection.

The rigid bracelet, for example, has a modern and sophisticated design. The Lord’s Prayer, present in all the jewellery of this collection, is here written in Italian on the inside and in Aramaic on the outside of the bracelet.

Women's silver Rigid Prayer Bracelet

Made of 925 silver and enriched with white stones, this splendid Ellius bracelet is available in gold-plated, rhodium-plated and rosé finishes.

Also from the Era collection, to be worn with every look, is the necklace with T-bar clasp. The Lord’s Prayer is engraved on the front in Italian, and on the back in Aramaic.

The T-bar clasp, which crosses the perforated disc, is embellished with white stones.

What better Christmas present for her than a piece of jewellery engraved with one of the world’s most famous prayers!

For those who like to wear jewellery with a strong character that does not go unnoticed, the Roman temple rigid bracelet is perfect!

Silver Roman Temple Rigid Bracelet

Made of hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver, this bracelet consists of a set of Roman columns reminiscent of the famous temples of the period: history embraces modernity in a precious and timeless piece of jewellery.

Discover the entire collection of Ellius women’s bracelets and immerse yourself in a unique world.

For Christmas presents for her and him, Ellius has unconventional, modern jewellery in its store that tells a story.

Art and beauty come together in a magical world full of stories, starting from the birth of our world, with the Vulcan collection, to the Domes and Rosettes collections, which tell the wonders of art history.

Enter the world of Ellius and tell your story!