Men's Era Collection ring, bracelet and necklace worn

Men’s Christmas gifts: the proposals of Ellius

Christmas is just around the corner and the lists of gifts and thoughts to buy are getting longer.

Among the most difficult gifts to choose from are certainly men’s Christmas presents, not least because the range of products to choose from is often more limited than for women.

Ellius offers many jewellery collections for men from which you can find the perfect gift for him.

Let’s take a look at the selection and novelties for this festive season.

Men’s Christmas gifts: bracelets to impress

Among the most popular Ellius jewellery for men are definitely bracelets.

All of the brand’s collections feature these jewels that have always been worn with pleasure by men.

Among the most popular Christmas gifts for men from Ellius is surely the silver and leather bracelet from the Vulcano collection.

Why is this piece of jewellery so popular? Because the Volcano collection is among the most energetic at Ellius: its details make its jewellery stand out for its originality and personality.

Men's Vulcan jewellery collection

This rigid bracelet, for example, is made half in silver and half with a woven leather strap. The black stones, which stand out in all their splendour in this magnificent piece of jewellery, echo the fascinating lava flow typical of volcanoes.  

Those who love to amaze will find just the right object in the Era collection, which includes a bracelet that is perfect as a Christmas gift for men.

The rigid open bracelet is distinguished by its modern design and the strong symbolic and spiritual value it carries. One of the world’s best-loved and best-known prayers, the Our Father, is written on the bracelet, in Aramaic on the outside and in Italian on the inside.  A perfect and original thought for these Christmas holidays!

For the more elegant man, who likes to wear trendy jewellery without sacrificing class, the bracelet from the Solaris collection is among the most interesting proposals.

The three rays bracelet of this collection is made of 925 silver and is enriched by three elements, in which coloured stones, reminiscent of the sun’s rays, are present.

The stones are the stars of the Solaris collection and you can choose from different versions of this jewellery: with black stones, with blue stones or with red and green white stones.

The Ellius men’s bracelet collection has many proposals: you are sure to find the men’s Christmas gift you are looking for!

Unmissable men’s Christmas gift: the ring!

The fashion for men’s rings is becoming increasingly popular.

Today, men’s rings are among the most worn pieces of jewellery: bands or rings are among the trendiest and most sought-after men’s Christmas gifts.

Ellius has a huge assortment of rings, designed for every personality type.

These jewellery pieces, handmade in 925 sterling silver, have a strong character and each one tells a story. For example, the Templar guardian ring is a small work of art, to be worn every day.

Templars Men's Ring

The Templars, a famous Christian knightly order founded in 1906, have always aroused fascination and mystery. Ellius has come up with a men’s ring with a unique design: the Templars are engraved on the side of the ring, while the beautiful star of the Nativity dominates the top. The black stone inside the star completes the character of this fascinating and mysterious piece of jewellery.

A perfect men’s Christmas gift for those who like to stand out every day.

For the more classic man, who likes to shine in life and looks, the ring from the Solaris collection is perfect.

A simple ring, made of 925 hypoallergenic silver, enriched all around with beautiful black stones, making it elegant, but also easy to wear every day.

Be amazed by the Ellius silver men’s ring collection and choose the story you want to tell.

Timeless men’s Christmas gifts: necklaces and cufflinks.

If you don’t want to go wrong and are looking for the perfect men’s gift, then timeless classics are for you.

Ellius offers several collections for men, with beautiful necklaces and cufflinks.  All are characterised by craftsmanship and a love of history and art.

Among the men’s necklaces, which have always been worn with pleasure, are chains with medallions. Ellius reinterprets them in a modern key and enriches them with values.

The necklace from the Vulcano collection, for example, is made of hypoallergenic 925 silver and enriched with black stones, reminiscent of lava flow. A modern and contemporary design for a gift that is a great classic.

Another necklace with a decidedly strong character, designed for men who want to stand out, is from the Era collection. The beautiful pendant with perforated disc bears an engraving of one of the world’s most famous prayers, the Our Father.

On the front, the prayer is written in Italian, and on the back in Aramaic.

Languages and cultures, past and present, come together in a piece of jewellery that is rich in spirituality, yet strong and modern in character. The collection of men’s necklaces is truly vast and each piece of jewellery gives the wearer a piece of history.

It’s not Christmas without the quintessential classic gift, the one that many men expect to find under the tree: cufflinks.

Over the last few years, cufflinks have moved a little away from the classic standards and have become true designer jewellery.

Ellius presents several versions within its men’s collections, and among the best-loved are certainly those from the Column collection. These cufflinks feature the two distinctive elements of the entire collection: the column and the Roman shield, symbols of strength and courage. An original Ellius idea to give as a gift, capable of transforming one of the most classic pieces of jewellery by definition into modern and trendy elements that can be worn with ease.

The men’s cufflink collection is full of many other models, not simply jewellery, but true small works of art, to be worn on the wrist on the most important occasions!

Men’s gifts for Christmas are perhaps among the most difficult to choose, but Ellius has plenty of proposals in its store: so many ideas that can amaze the man who loves to stand out!