Silver jewel Rosary worn

Jewelled rosary: the new collection by Ellius

The ‘jewelled rosary’ is a trend that has exploded in recent years, which has seen a religious symbol become the star of fashion catwalks and the windows of many shops.

The rosary, however, originated as an object typically associated with the faithful and meditation.

The name ‘rosarium’ derives from a medieval custom of placing a crown of roses around statues of the Madonna.

It was from this medieval custom that the idea of creating a beautiful, perfumed, beaded necklace to accompany prayer originated.

But let us discover together how fashion has gradually managed to project the symbolic value of the rosary from the strictly religious context to the broader and more customisable world of fashion.

Rosary jewellery: from religious to trend jewellery

Ellius has created a collection dedicated to rosary jewellery, in which art and beauty come together in unique pieces, dedicated to those who believe in and still retain the symbolic value of this object, but also to those who love to wear modern, highly trendy jewellery.

The history of rosary jewellery has seen a gradual evolution of this accessory over the years.

Rosaries, over time, have been enriched by becoming necklaces made of increasingly precious materials: from rope to wood, gradually moving on to the use of more valuable raw materials and precious stones.

As one can imagine, fashion, which has eyes and ears everywhere, sensed the potential success that this accessory, relegated to the spiritual sphere, could also have in everyday life.

Thus, fashion designers began to introduce objects that recalled the sacred into their collections, stripping them of their initial symbolism and turning them into fashion must-haves.

Rosary necklaces: the new Ellius line

Ellius has created a line dedicated to rosary jewellery and, in its unmistakable style, has enriched them with a passion for art and history.

Let’s take a look at some rosary jewellery together: we will tell you the story behind each piece.

Women’s rosary necklace inspired by the Nativity

The Ellius rosary necklace is inspired by the star symbol found inside the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem. In fact, it is said that this church was built on the site of the cave where Jesus was born, and a star indicates the exact spot.

Moreover, the necklace does not forego the element of the cross and the small bouls, reminiscent of rosary beads.

Made of silver and enriched with white stones, it is definitely a modern piece of jewellery that can be worn every day.

The rosary necklace inspired by the Nativity is also present in the men’s collection.

Collana Rosario Natività Stella e Croce pietre bianco gioiello argento Ellius

Women’s rosary necklace inspired by the basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence

History and art have always accompanied Ellius.

The rosary necklace inspired by the cathedral of Florence has two versions: the first, part of the ‘Dome’ collection, features Brunelleschi’s beautiful dome at the end of the rosary chain; the second, part of the ‘Rosoni’ collection, has the rose window of the cathedral’s central façade as its main element.

Both rosary necklaces, made of silver and embellished with white stones, feature small bouls, reminiscent of the beads of rosary necklaces.

These jewels with their timeless charm are just some of the models in the Domes and Rose Window collection.

The two rosary necklaces linked to the Domes and Rosettes Collections in silver

Women’s rosary necklace with lance and helmet

As mentioned above, the rosary necklace sees the birth of its symbolism in the Middle Ages, an age also dear to Ellius.

In the online store, there are many collections that have taken inspiration from this era. One of the famous symbols of the period, which also inspired this rosary necklace, is the spear.

The lance, a famous weapon of war in the Middle Ages, was commonly used in the games of the period, called ‘jousts’. On these occasions, however, a lance without a point, called a ‘courtly lance’, was used.

The silver rosary necklace in this collection is accompanied by another element from the medieval era: the crusader helmet.

The latter is a product of the art of war in the late Middle Ages and was used to protect knights during battles.

The lance necklace is an example of how a rosary jewel can take on different shapes, symbolism and evoke different memories, depending on the flair and creativity of a designer or goldsmith.

This rosary necklace is also made of silver and features the small beads typical of jewelled rosaries.

collana rosario cavaliere rosè con pietre bianche e lancia donna gioielli ellius

Rosary bracelets: the new Ellius trends

In the new rosary jewellery line from Ellius, there are not only the classic necklaces. In fact, the collection has been enriched by precious rosary bracelets, which tell of history and art, like all Ellius jewellery.

Men’s rosary bracelet inspired by the mouth of truth

The Ellius men’s rosary bracelet tells the story of one of Rome’s most famous monuments: the Mouth of Truth.

The mask represents a bearded male face with pierced eyes and mouth.

This monument boasts of great fame and ancient legends are related to it: the Mouth is attributed the power to pronounce oracles.

The famous Pavonazzetto marble mask is walled into the wall outside the portico of the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin.

Many stories and legends have been written about this mask, but they all have a common thread: the mouth of truth had the power to show infidelity in a couple.

The Ellius rosary bracelet, in sterling silver, is enriched by the symbol of the face of the mouth of truth and always features the small beads typical of rosary jewellery.

Bracciale Rosario Bocca della Verità Uomo gioielli argento Ellius

Men’s rosary bracelet inspired by the lion’s door

The lion is one of the recurring symbols in Ellius jewellery.

This animal has great charm and in various cultures carries many values, including courage, loyalty and justice.

The lion is also used a great deal in art, sculpture and architecture. Usually this animal was placed at the entrance of palaces, bridges and buildings, with the symbolic function of guardians.

The ‘lion’s gate’ is one of the most famous symbols of architecture: in many cities – not only in Italy – there is one at the entrance.

Ellius, a lover of history, wanted to dedicate several pieces of jewellery to the lion’s gate and the men’s rosary bracelet is among them.

collana porta romana leone rosario argento ellius

Rosary jewellery today is one of the most loved by young people and not only. Fashion has made them one of the most sought-after accessories to wear and carry with you every day.

Discover Ellius rosary jewellery and let your passion for art and history take you away.