Women's Chimera Collection Jewellery for Gift Worn

What to give for womes’s day?

What to give for Women’s Day? This question is often followed by another: besides the classic mimosa?

But before understanding the original alternatives and suggesting Ellius jewellery as a gift for this festivity, let’s discover the history behind the celebration of 8 March.

Why does Women’s Day exist?

Women’s Day originated in the USA in the early 1900s and arrived in Italy in 1922. Since 1977 it has also been known as International Women’s Rights Day.

The history of this anniversary is long and characterised by different political and social events.

The foundations for the birth of this anniversary can be traced back to the various initiatives, promoted between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, to demand women’s rights. In Chicago, on 3 May 1908, the customary Sunday conference of the socialist party was called ‘Woman’s day’, as the main topic of discussion was women’s rights. It was not until the following year, however, that the first woman’s day was established in the USA, namely 23 February. In Russia, during the Second International Communist Women’s Conference in 1921, 8 March was chosen as International Workers’ Day.

There are numerous alternative versions of the origin of Women’s Day, for example one that cites the memory of hundreds of female factory workers who died in a New York factory fire in 1908. Other versions, on the other hand, cite police repression during a trade union demonstration by some female workers in New York in 1857. Still others trace it back to strikes or incidents in other American cities in those years.

It was the UN that in 1975 decreed the International Women’s Year and in 1977 adopted a resolution inviting all countries to establish a national women’s day. 8 March, which was already celebrated in several countries, was thus chosen as the official date by many nations.

Women’s Day gifts

After this summary of the history of this famous holiday celebrated in many countries, let us see how Ellius can contribute, with its jewellery and collections, to make this day special, with gift ideas for Women’s Day.

For women who love mythology: Chimera collection

The Chimera collection, an original and unmissable Ellius production, is ideal as a gift for Women’s Day and takes its inspiration from Greek mythology.

The descriptions of this creature, change according to the historical period of the author quoting her.

Homer, in fact, describes her as having the body of a goat, the tail of a dragon and the head of a lion, while Exodus, as an entity with the body and head of a lion, on its back a goat’s head and the tail of a snake.

According to Greek mythology, Chimera was killed by Bellerophon on the orders of Lobates, king of Lycia, because he was tired of the rumours of this beast in his territory.

Bellerophon, riding the mythical winged horse Pegasus, struck the Chimera with his spear, made of lead, on its open jaws: the heat of the flames that came out of its mouth melted the lead in the spear, suffocating it.

Ellius has created an entire silver collection dedicated to this fascinating mythological figure. These are creations made by skilful goldsmith’s hands, combining symbolic strength and perfection of detail.

A perfect gift for those who love the mythological world and its fascinating stories, or for those who want to amaze by giving an object with a strong personality.

Worn Chimera Collection

For strong, fighting women who never give up: the Minerva collection

The Minerva collection has a modern design and a strong character. For this reason, it is an original gift idea for Women’s Day.

A goddess of just war, wisdom and ingenuity, Minerva is also regarded in Roman times as a deity of the useful arts, namely architecture, engineering, mathematics, weaving, geometry and handicrafts. She is even credited with the invention of the loom and the chariot.

Minerva, unlike Athens (her counterpart in the Greek era), who was more combative and masculine in character, takes on the characteristics of the goddess of the arts, wisdom and protection of the state: she is in fact known as the goddess of just wars, because they are fought for a just cause or in defence.

The Ellius collection dedicated to Minerva takes up the different war tools used in Roman times, such as the helmet, shield or armour, creating small works of art to be worn every day.

The gladiator helmet ring, for example, is a modern piece of jewellery with a sophisticated design that is never predictable.

The shape wraps around the fingers and the coloured stones (you can choose between purple, smoky or white) make it precious and unique.

Minerva Collection Jewels for Man and Woman in silver

For women who are explosive and full of energy: the Vulcano collection

Vulcano is an Ellius collection full of energy.

The explosion of shapes and lively design make it a pivotal collection in the Ellius catalogue. Ideal as a thought for Women’s Day, each piece in the Vulcano collection is perfect for those who want to surprise their woman in an original way.

The inspiration comes from the symbol of the volcano, understood not as a catastrophic power, but as a point of birth and rebirth: the beginning of life on earth.

From the explosion of the volcano, in fact, life was born: from this positive and optimistic vision has seen the light of day a strong collection, steeped in values and in which the energy of the volcano is conveyed and narrated in every single piece of jewellery.

The purple stones, flowing through the white stones, tell of the journey of the lava that slowly caresses the sides of the volcano, emanating its strength and power.

Women's Vulcan ring and necklace