Ellius silver jewellery column ring for men and women

Valentine’s Day gifts for her: original jewellery

This year, more than ever, we miss being together, a hug with someone far away, as well as romantic dinners or parties.

We definitely miss the chance to travel, the opportunity to dream and move body and mind to other countries, other cultures.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but the idea of having to spend even this sweet occasion somewhat quietly is almost a certainty. No romantic trips, dinners or sensational surprises. So why not for Valentine’s Day presents choose something for your girlfriend that will bring back memories of a place hidden there, in her heart? 

Ellius has thought of giving you a hand in choosing Valentine’s Day gifts for her, telling the story of collections and unique pieces that warm the heart. 

Valentine’s Day gifts for her: the memory of the most beautiful trip 

Among the proposals for Valentine’s Day gifts for her, one cannot miss jewellery that tells the story of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Ellius has designed and created a collection that tells not only the story, but also the art and beauty of unique places in the world.

Through jewellery, in hypoallergenic 925 silver, the domes of the various basilicas of Italy and the world take shape in rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and small charms, to be worn every day. 

Silver Dome-inspired Cathedrals Rings

Ring inspired by the dome of the Sacred Heart Basilica in Paris 

The Ellius story begins with the memory of a unique trip to one of the most romantic cities in the world: Paris.

Ellius has created an original and surprising ring, inspired by the dome of one of the most beautiful Parisian basilicas, that of the Sacré Coeur.

The church, located at the top of Montmartre, is one of the unmissable stops for those visiting the French capital. Built in limestone, it has the characteristic of not retaining dust and smog, so that it always remains white and shining. 

Ellius takes this splendour and brings it back in its ring, handmade in 925 hypoallergenic silver. The white stones give brightness and elegance to this unique and precious jewel.

If you are thinking of a Valentine’s Day gift for her and one of your most beautiful trips was to the French capital, then stop the memory of that trip and amaze her with this wonderful ring!

Ring inspired by the dome of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome 

To amaze is surely the thing everyone hopes for when buying a gift for the person of the heart.

Ellius succeeds, thanks to its love of jewellery and passion for art and history.

All this Ellius passion is encapsulated, for example, in the ring inspired by the dome of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

The Roman basilica, probably the most famous and visited in the world, is certainly the richest in art and history. Ellius recalls its journey to the capital and takes its famous dome to create a special ring in hypoallergenic 925 silver.

If Rome has left a magical memory for you too, then this ring is the right Valentine’s Day gift to surprise her!

Silver Dome ring St Peter's Basilica Rome

Ring inspired by the dome of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice

Venice, the city of love par excellence, is a destination for couples from all over the world. 

Ellius wanted to immortalise the beauty of this city, creating the most romantic ring, the one dedicated to the dome of St. Mark’s basilica.

Also nicknamed the ‘golden church’, it is certainly one of the most representative symbols of the city and a destination for millions of tourists every year.

Venice is a magical place, built on water, where cars give way to iconic gondolas. A city where you can still find ancient workshops and craftsmen working materials as they used to. It is one of those cities that leave their mark, that imprint unique memories and that make you want to return to visit hundreds of times.

If you want to revive those memories, then this ring is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her, to remind her of your love, to seal a strong promise. 

Valentine’s Day gifts for her: rings for women with a strong personality

Choosing a Valentine’s Day gift for her is not an easy thing: women are notoriously difficult! That is why we at Ellius do a lot of research to design and make our jewellery. Research with an ambitious aim: to bring art, life and beauty into our jewellery.

All the Ellius collections are designed to satisfy the desires of very different women: from the most romantic, to art enthusiasts, to the strong-willed and determined, who do not like classic, glittering jewellery, but are looking for objects with a strong character, like themselves.

Collections inspired by the classical age or Vulcan are the right ones for these strong and determined women!

Roman temple inspired ring for women 

The Roman temple ring is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her if the woman for whom it is intended is determined, but also simple, not fond of the superfluous. 

In its simplicity, this silver ring has a strong and decisive character, just like the temple it is inspired by.

The Romans built their temples in the heights and placed large staircases in front of them. Their desire to rise upwards, in the direction of the gods, can be seen in their use of columns, with which they surrounded these places of religious but also political worship.

If you want to impress with a simple but unique Valentine’s Day gift, this silver ring is perfect!

Roman Temple ring men and women silver jewel Ellius

Women’s ring inspired by large volcanoes

The Volcano collection is among Ellius’ novelties.

It is the strong collection of jewellery with a modern design that does not go unnoticed. 

The Vulcano ring, in sterling silver, is embellished with fuchsia stones, reminiscent of the colour of lava that slowly, but powerfully, flows down the sides of volcanoes.

The volcano, a symbol of strength and energy, is surely the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for those who, in these difficult times, find the strength to live with energy, to look to the future with confidence and positivity.

Vulcan ring men and women silver jewel Ellius

These rings are also in the men’s collection, you can buy them for both him and her for an unforgettable gift.

Enter the world of Ellius and discover the secrets behind each collection. 

The stories and tales behind each piece of jewellery will make choosing your Valentine’s Day gift perfect.