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Gifts for him Valentine’s Day: unique jewellery by Ellius

Despite the pandemic and various lockdowns, the clock is ticking and once again we find ourselves in February, the month of feelings. To kick off a new year, which we hope will be marked by the return of personal relationships and hugs, we thought we would help you choose Valentine’s Day gifts for Him.

We are forced to stay in our home, to live it as the exclusive place for our most intimate relationships. For this reason, Valentine’s Day can be an opportunity to thank the person who has kept us company over these long months.

For Valentine’s Day, surprise the man with whom you have gone through the ups and downs of this long and difficult period, do it with a special ring.

Our collections include jewellery with a strong character, perfect as Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

Let’s take a detailed look at our selection and let us be carried away by the story that each piece of jewellery tells.

Valentine’s Day gifts for him: choose from a collection inspired by ancient Greece

Ellius silver jewellery column ring for men and women

History has always inspired the creation of our jewellery: we at Ellius believe that the past is a great teacher for our future.

It is from this idea that the collection inspired by the great Empire of Ancient Greece was born, in which the symbols of classical mythology and monuments of great architecture become the protagonists of fascinating jewellery.

Let us take a look at a few stories and see, for example, why the architectural element of the column even inspired an entire collection.

Perhaps not everyone knows that the column in ancient Greece symbolised man. This meaning is also taken up by Romanesque architecture, which very often had it resting on a sculpture of an animal – almost always the lion – precisely to exalt the nature of man superior to that of the animal, which reaches upwards, towards divinity. “

The symbol of the column is taken up in this elegant collection, thus transforming rings, necklaces and bracelets into small works of art, to be worn every day.

Discover the entire COLUMN COLLECTION, there is sure to be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him!

Original Valentine’s Day gifts for him: rings

Rings are definitely the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your man: to wear on any occasion, they give charm and originality to the wearer.

In our men’s collections, rings are always present: they are a versatile piece of jewellery that gives an extra edge to the wearer.

Men Collection Ellius Jewelry

Men’s ring inspired by the Roman Temple

The ring tells of one of the greatest symbols of the Roman Empire: the temple.

The term comes from templum, which does not actually mean building, but consecrated place, oriented according to the cardinal points towards the sacred space of heaven.

The Romans, unlike the Greeks, used to build it on high podiums, accessible via a frontal staircase.

‘Perhaps few people know that the religious sphere, in ancient Rome, was inseparable from the political one. For this reason, temples were not only places of worship, but also represented political venues, such as senate sessions.”

Ellius allows itself to be enveloped by the fascination of these monuments and produces, in 925 sterling silver, this splendid ring, which echoes the structure of the Roman temple capitals.

With its modern design, the Roman temple ring is a unique gift for Valentine’s Day.

Roman Temple ring for men and women jewellery

Men’s ring inspired by great volcanoes

The volcano has always been a symbol of strength, majesty and power.

Countless symbologies are associated with the volcano, from catastrophic power to the purgatory of the Christian era.

“Moreover, the volcano has a symbolism that incorporates the meanings of the four natural elements: fire, represented by the lava; air, given by the profusion of gas and smoke projecting upwards; water, represented by water vapour, but also by the flow of lava; finally, earth: the volcano is the mountain that, pushing upwards, connects the depths of the earth to the sky.”

The energy and power of the volcano are conveyed in every single piece of jewellery in this collection, creating something unique.

This powerful symbol is the best Valentine’s Day gift for him!

Its modern design expresses life and energy: wearing a Vulcan ring represents the ambition to unleash all your strength. For this reason, it is a perfect gift at this time of year for someone who wishes for a big change.

The Volcano ring is handmade in aged silver.

The black stones make it modern and vital: discover it on our website!

Vulcan ring men and women silver jewel Ellius

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Visit our online shop and look at the rings from the different Ellius collections: there is sure to be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him!